Decendents of Henry Yeary Sr.

John Dever Yeary---------Born: 10 Aug. 1805 In Virginia----Died:17 July 1863
Married:5 July 1830 Nancy Susong---------Born:1806 In Greenville Tennessee------Died: 20 May 1898

Children: of John Dever Yeary And Nancy Susong.

1: Matilda Yeary (Brim)
*2: Henry Nichols Yeary
3: Jacob Morgan Yeary
4: Nathan Morgan Yeary
5: Nancy Rebecca Yeary (Rowlette)
6: Benedict Yeary
7: Barbara Yeary (Campbell)
8: John Yeary
9: Nancy Melsena Yeary (Early)
10: Mary Jane Yeary (Young)
11: Uriah G. Yeary


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