Honoring Those Who Served Rev. War to Iraq
Place Your Mouse pointer on the picture to identify the person.
Henry Yeary Jr. Virginia Militia  REV War Henry Manning US Army WW1 John D. Yeary US Army WWII
Walter E. Yeary WWII Robert Riley Yeary WWII Lester Yeary
Henry Chester Yeary Alvas Yeary Patton Douglas Yeary
SFC Elza L. Yeary Ralph Samuel Yeary SFC Frederick E. Yeary US Army & Civilian GS-11
Edward Claude Yeary Stephen Samuel. Yeary Currently Serving in Iraq S/SGT Michael A. Yeary
Randall J. Yeary Benjamin W. Yeary Pacific Fleet CPL Obie L. Williams
Bill Stanley Clarence Stanley Joseph Allen Brooks US Air Force Lewis Marcum Married to Agnes Yeary David Gilpin ,Jewell Yearys Son Jewell Yearys Grandaughter.


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